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  • Flow not only opens the body to all of its potential, it challenges the entire system until you reach the pivotal internal event which unlocks flow. 

  • Flow involves coordination, motor control, essential synergy, proprioceptive awareness, agility, balance, accuracy, timing, rhythm and sensitivity.

  • Flow measures fitness as the ability to recruit multi-joint efficiency to move through multiple planes of motion with decreased total effort and with greater ease and more imagination. 

  • Flow takes you beyond merely building muscle and burning fat. It teaches you how to access Flow in your fitness, and throughout your life.

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"If you want unconventional results, you need an unorthodox approach. If you want integrated fitness of mind, body and spirit, then you need a program which was specifically and scientifically crafted to enable that integration. Flow involves an unorthodox, but integrated approach to fitness not merely for the body, but for the whole person."

-Scott Sonnon

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