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clubbell strength

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  • FAT LOSS– The clubbell can be used to lose bodyfat, trim up your waist, and reveal your abs because most clubbell workouts naturally increase the strength of your metabolism and burn fat for hours after you’ve finished exercising. The clubbell is so well-suited for fat loss, that most users notice a decrease in bodyfat even when pursuing other goals.

  • MUSCLE BUILDING – The clubbell can be used for systemic hypertrophy (building functional muscle all throughout the body). It won’t help you look like a bodybuilder, but you can build an imposing “hard-body” muscular physique – even in places you didn’t know you had muscles.

  • Whole body, systemic strength and power development through full ranges of motion in sophisticated movements.

  • Other fitness attribute development such as strength, endurance, power, coordination, balance, agility.

  • Improved joint mobility and stability, muscle flexibility, and connective tissue strength – reducing the risk of injury through pre-habilitation (aka concentrated injury prevention).

  • Athletic performance enhancement for a broad range of sports and recreational activities.

  • Improved grip strength, which is a proven marker for longevity.

  • Improved posture during static (ie standing, sitting) and dynamic physical activity (ie running, jumping, lifting, throwing, etc.) through the 7 Key Components of Structure.

Those are the major areas of benefit. Obviously, all of the other benefits of exercise will also come along with clubbell use: higher energy levels, increased bone density, lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol numbers, improved cardiac and respiratory function, stronger metabolism, etc.

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