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Two Types of Forces: Driving and Restrictive

This point is rarely addressed in fitness systems.There are two types of forces which improve the health and performance of the human organism: the generation of driving forces – or power output; and the removal of restrictive forces – or decreasing drag.

The driving forces are like the accelerator on your car; and the restrictive forces are like the emergency brake. If you stomp on the accelerator without disengaging the emergency brake, you will have some sort of rapid part failure.

And yet, that is how many fitness systems train their members: to push harder and harder, without considering the many brakes that have engaged during their adaptation to increased power output, and increased life stressors.

All of your fitness efforts will yield more efficient results by removing the internal blockages, impediments and preconditions which stop, slow or injure your ability to safely apply force.

Flow explores all of the potential ranges of motion, by moving through each of the six degrees of freedom, so that as restrictive forces appear, you can disengage them, and maintain optimal flow.




The first ring of Scott Sonnon’s Circular Strength Training® (CST) System – called “Intuitive Flow Restorative Mobility” – seeks to “clean the slate” by removing the restrictive forces which inhibit your ability to perform efficiently and healthily.

First, remove the problematic limitations to your physical movement in order to receive 100% of the benefits from the additional driving forces generated by the “fitness effect” of movement training. But always return to Tabula Rasa to remove the inevitable performance impediments which slowly begin to limit your performance health.

It is impossible to have perfect technique (a “10”), but even with very good technique (let’s say an “8”), you will still have accumulations of slightly imperfect technique (the 2s). If you don’t clean the slate of those minor deviations in perfect form, they eventually develop into aches, pains, twinges, tweaks, then injuries. So, we will always cycle back to Tabula Rasa, and investigate all six degrees of freedom to hunt down restrictions and restore flow to them.




We address the sum total stressors in our lives – nutrition, hydration, exercise, occupational, vocational, relational, financial. We then provide concrete, practical solutions to why you begin seeing results with your fitness, only to meet diminishing returns, plateau, regress, then aches, pains, injuries and even illnesses.

We will teach you why what you’ve done in the past hasn’t worked as effectively as you wished, why you suffer the aches and pains that you’ve had, how you have been successful previously and how you can know when you are, and how to increase those successes systematically.


You can pinpoint your problems with a laser, or you can use a proven, organically-produced prehabilitation program which will not only free you from potential aches and pains of exercise, but also from the stressors of your other recreational activities and occupational responsibilities.Most of our energy remains locked in cold storage due to compression by excessive stress. These simple-to-perform movement drills decompress your joints, lubricate your inner “fluid body” surrounding your bones and joints, and deliver nutrient-rich circulation to the tissues which are quite literally being starved to death due to overuse, misuse, and disuse.

When you practice this daily for 2-3 weeks, you will notice that your posture begins to improve, your energy start to increase, and your productivity accelerates. You’ll want to do more because you can not because you must.

Your awareness, coordination, and force production remain dormant until we use these simple movements to activate their potential like booting up a computer. If nothing else, the science underlying this program, and the practical application that you can easily follow along, will transform your quality of life.

"I don't believe in rest days. I believe in RECOVERY days!"

- David Hardin

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