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A healthy body is a balanced body, and our program begins with identifying muscle imbalances and weaknesses. While correcting and preventing present & future imbalances (or injuries,) we are developing groundwork to build a solid physical foundation in order to further your fitness health. Muscle imbalances lead to pain and injury, and if left unrepaired can cause long-term physical damage. 


The dhFIT Method

Discuss Personal Fitness History and Challenges

It all starts with getting to know you, what you've been through and what has led up to your current state. We determine how long have you been working towards your goals and what has been preventing you from reaching them and then coming up with a plan to break through those challenges.

History & Challenges
Medical & Injures

Medical & Injury History

Everything in your life up until this point has played a role into your injuries, aches, and pains; previous workouts, sitting at a desk, bad nutrition, and so much more. But fret not, there is a pain-free life in your future. 


Goals & Expectations

We will create SMART goals; Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. Training with us will always be result-based and once one goal is met we set new goals; always growing and evolving!

Postural Assessment

Postural Assessment

It takes a keen eye to see the slightest postural imbalances throughout the entire body. Each and every tiny imbalance is a clue into current or potential injuries and pain via the myofascial matrix.

Movement Analysis

Movement Analysis

Through FMS (Functional Movement Screen) methods and other full-body tests, our goal is to determine which muscles are firing properly and not, which ones are strong versus weak, and if they are increasing pain and dysfunction. 

Flexibility Assesment

Flexibility Assessment

Similar to the full-body movement analysis, it's our goal to determine imbalances and if any of these imbalances are leading to dysfunction, pain and injuries. 

Muscle Imbalances

Address and Test Any Muscle Imbalances & Weaknesses

After collecting all of the data from the postural assessment, movement analysis, and flexibility assessment, it's our job to play the role of detective to determine which, if any, combination of the results are causing issues. We use a plethora of tests that can give us more understanding of why there is dysfunction, pain or injuries. 

Create Program

Create Program & Set Expectations

Once all the data is collected from the assessments and tests, a program is created to deliver long-lasting fitness results. If you have pain and injuries, the program will focus to fix these issues first, by resetting and rebuilding the foundation and addressing any imbalances and non-firing muscles. Whatever your goals, the program created will not only help you reach them, but we'll also help you create the mindset to make these goals permanent and a part of your lifestyle. 

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