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What is the Clubbell?

The Clubbell is the rebirth of an Original Strength Training tool, one which was specifically researched, engineered and implemented to:

  • target the rotary and angular/diagonal muscles in our body

  • enhance grip, wrist and forearm strength, and to foster shoulder synergy

  • to be used in sophisticating your movement as a conservative injury prevention, prehabilitation and post-rehabilitation tool

  • As well as to be used for sports-specific performance enhancement, conditioning and more.

The Clubbell is a critical component of Circular Strength Training, (CST) predicated on the idea that the body does not move in isolation and devised by Coach Scott Sonnon to embrace the “archaic techniques of ‘fancy’ traditional club swinging.

At the forefront, the Clubbell’s displaced center of mass creates an extreme leverage challenge, which creates positive neurological force production while minimizing the risk of injury from training. Clubbell training is tri-planar and emphasizes unlimited range of motion, which serves to increase soft-tissue elasticity and developing the arms, shoulders, upper back and chest. All Clubbell exercises are full-body intensive, working the glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves from the leg drive, and designed to benefit every age and fitness level.

Clubbells are also an excellent means of Incremental Progression. The special design of the handle allows minor increases in weight, never overloading your muscles but always challenging them. This Micro-Loading Adjustable Grip is a special design function that uniquely promotes constant progress and strength gains. And no other piece of equipment has this versatility!

Why Clubbells?

Clubbell Strength is an approach that was derived not out of a need for competition, but as a method to access our innate strength capabilities in a safe and effective manner. It is a road map for growing stronger while also performing more efficiently. Unlike conventional strength approaches that dictate moving weights for longer and heavier, Clubbell Strength uses movements that build from the simplest to more complex in an effort to elicit the maximal training response. By recruiting more muscles and joints than traditional strength training, we are able to load more effectively, growing stronger and remaining more mobile, better conditioned and injury-free.

The Clubbell requires full-body stabilization and proper structural load, and as such it points out weaknesses like no other tool can. With the real benefit coming from using two Clubbells simultaneously, the high level of coordination and technique recruitment are without parallel. In the past, we have focused on conditioning, mobility and the freedom to move, but developing raw functional strength has the power to improve upon all of these.


As such, Clubbell Strength is applicable to all fitness platforms.

Clubbell Strength Certification Course is perfect for fitness professionals, strength coaches, athletes, and all exercise enthusiasts. It is appropriate for any level of proficiency, from beginners with no Clubbell experience to the most seasoned Clubbell veterans.

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