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Improve Alignment: Poor alignment can cause your body to make unnatural adjustments to compensate, making it difficult to achieve peak performance. TACFIT reinforces your body’s key structural platforms, ensuring that your bones and muscles are aligned and supported the way they should be.


Develop Real Muscle Strength: TACFIT works to develop not merely “show” muscles, but true strength and power.


Reduce Pain: The human body was designed to be strong, mobile and pain free. TACFIT will help return you to that optimal state of being. By improving alignment, restoring mobility, speeding up recovery and reducing joint dysfunction, TACFIT will not only reduce aches and pains, it will restore a more natural flow to the way you move.


Increase Mental Clarity: Apart from providing an effective way to burn off stress, TACFIT utilizes precision-based movements and techniques that improve your mental focus, leaving you feeling calmer, sharper and more emotionally stable.

TACFIT redefines fitness the ability to be more prepared than the challenges you face (called “medical readiness” in tactical-speak), to always be ready to navigate challenges with ease and imagination, to remain in a supple state of flow regardless of the task at hand, and to train with a purpose which has been proven to prevent injuries which happen from random workouts.

TACFIT cascades the entire waterfall of physical attributes: functional stamina, complete range of motion strength, three-dimensional movement potential, multi-modal agility and coordination, compensation for occupational and lifestyle repetitive actions and positions, and an integrated active recovery and prehabilitation. It offers a variable, customizable, incremental path of progress, while offering mental alertness, clarity and concentration, with emotional control and the ability to restore calm chemistry after intense physical exertion.



  1. Intelligent Design: Every element within TACFIT integrates with each other. Every component has been tailored, designed and fitted to create synergistic results: The Whole of the System is Greater than the Sum of its Parts.

  2. Resource Optimization: Each aspect of the system has been crafted for ideal implementation and driven for the greatest results without waste of redundancy.

    • Time Efficient: Every second optimizes your results in the shortest time possible: in work, in recovery, in position, in transition, and in nutrition.

    • Inventory Modular: If you have the discretionary investment to acquire more equipment, you will have the steps to implement them safely and effectively. If you lack a particular tool, alternatives will be provided, even if you only have your own body-weight.

    • Space Management: In the most confined space, an entire “gym” can be installed.  Secure, safe layout can be had, even if youʼre in a hotel, bedroom, office or in the field.

    • Energy Conservation: The goal isnʼt to expend more energy, but to gain more energy. Every effort is carefully waved to accumulate your capacity like building a better motherboard on a computer.

  3. Scalable Adjustability: No matter your current state, target activity or occupational challenges, the system can be tailored to your individual needs.

  4. Purposeful Practicality: Not for exercise’s sake, but for your deliberate, practical application, the system provides only components which have a necessary purpose.

  5. Carry-Over Transferability: Exercise is a supplement, not a substitute. The system gives you the ability to prepare for, feel successful and safe in, and fully recovered from the activities you intend to do and skills you intend to maintain.

  6. Functional Symmetry: Not designed for an artificial absolute, the system holds internal checks and balances to ensure that you develop symmetrically, without dysfunctional imbalances: for every push – a pull; for each rotation – a counter-rotation.

  7. Performance Longevity: Instead of burn-out and break-down, the system provides you with a way to achieve your near-term goals without termination by using a sustainable platform of ongoing growth and development.

  8. Incremental Progression: The final goal isnʼt possible without knowing the very next step. Too large a leap is unsustainable, and results in regress and downtime. Each step, no matter where you start or where youʼre going, is carefully mapped for you.

  9. Innovative Adaptability: Not merely a collection of exercises, each movement is composed of modifiable components which can be toggled to meet your individualized needs.

  10. Occupational Safety: Exercise is a liability if it doesnʼt enable your job performance. The system makes you more fit to do your job with less effort, while preventing injuries, and by reducing job-related aches and pains, so you can feel successful in your work, and appreciate your free time with family.

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